Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Northdrow - faery - The bullet faery

Si vous placer vos balles inutilisé dans une mission sous votre couchette, la fée des balles va passer les prendres et vous laisser un explosif haut de gamme en cadeau.

PainterX, Intuos4 et TabletPC

If you put your unused bullets from a mission under your bunk, the bullet faery will come pick them up and give some high-end explosive as a gift.

PainterX, Intuos4 and TabletPC

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Theme de cette semaine

Le theme de cette semaine est : Fille

This week's theme is : girl

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Theme de cette semaine

Bah voila, de retour d'une petite pause random (ont est original de meme).

Alors le theme de cette semaine est : fée

And done, back from a lil random break (we're original like that).

So this weeks theme is : Faery

Northdrow - Easter - He'll eat you brains...and rock you back to life

I might have actually went to church if he was like that.

I actually like that one. 'cept for his right arm..kinda looks off....but then he's zombie, could be a dislocated elbow or something :B

Intuos 4
Painter X

Northdrow - Oasis - Boom! Headshot!

Theme made me think of Babar i had to kill him

I think i speak for a lot of people when i say : "Fuck you Babar! you managed to make whole lot of rainy summer days of my youth even duller."

Tried to keep the art style too so it actually looks like him.

Next in line should be padington what to do with him....decisions, decisions.

Intuos3 and TabletPC
Painter X

Northdrow - Lycanthrope - Woofie lost his squeeky toy

Had fun with this one....rather more fun.

But keep your panties on, i used a few ref pictures, namely an obviously juiced up lineman, some posing dude in my book of poses and of course, good old Dr.gray.

That resulted in a meatier, less hairy wolfie....but meat is good.

messed his left hand though, should be more hanging to the rocks...but oh well

Intuos3 and TabletPC
Painter X

Northdrow - Worm - F***ing riftworm + bonus Jim

Go play Gears of war 2 if you don't know what this is.
Remake of the worm piece...cuz i can't beat your jim...and speaking of jim here's the sketch i had:

Intuos3 and Tablet PC
Painter X