Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Northdrow - Lycanthrope - Woofie lost his squeeky toy

Had fun with this one....rather more fun.

But keep your panties on, i used a few ref pictures, namely an obviously juiced up lineman, some posing dude in my book of poses and of course, good old Dr.gray.

That resulted in a meatier, less hairy wolfie....but meat is good.

messed his left hand though, should be more hanging to the rocks...but oh well

Intuos3 and TabletPC
Painter X


Phénixia said...

La pose est vraiment chouette!

Northdrow said...

yop, ya l'air toute sympatique

Crazy Cat said...

Pas mal celui là gringo! ;)

Je passes pas assez souvent sur votre blog les mecs.

Crazy Cat

Northdrow said...

gringo....premiere fois ont m'a sort celle-la.